Justice & Arts Scotland are hosting a series of ‘Meet the Artist’ Zoom events over the next few months.

Meet the Artist series 24th September 2020 7.30pm

Guest artist: Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir

Gudrun is an Icelandic performance maker, director and Lead Artist of Polmont Youth Theatre at HMYOI Polmont Young Offenders Institution.

In this skillshare, Gudrun will discuss the challenges, discoveries and learning from re imagining creative engagement in Polmont during lockdown. Attendees are invited and encouraged to take part in this event through practical exploration and discussion. Gudrun will be joined by assistants Ricky Williamson and Jack Tully to collectively share their experiences and offer insights into how to build a sense of community when a shared space is not a possibility.

This series will explore socially distant participatory arts in justice and community settings.

An opportunity to share ideas as to how we deliver socially engaged arts work when we can’t meet face to face.

Hear and connect with artists working on exciting projects that are currently happening in the community arts and justice sector.

This practical session will include:

  • A practical toolkit and skill share
  • Thoughts on life after lockdown and new creative approaches.
  • Possibilities beyond the digital

Zoom Code 863 503 2442